Updated 4/24/2018

My first book is now available through Amazon

Front Cover

Purchase the book via Amazon:
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Recent Interviews:

hqdefaultApril 24 – Dr. Zoe Show with Dr. Zoe Shaw. Emphasis of this interview is how porn addiction can effect relationships and what women can do. Click Here


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 9.53.47 PMApril 16 – Just Enough Heshy Show. Fantastic back and forth between the hosts and myself. Starts about 27 minutes in on YouTube.


Check out more podcasts and articles about the book HERE.


A few recent articles

Spotlight On Question And Answer

Q&A Time QUESTION: I *KNOW* my husband is a pornography addict. He’s a landscaper and watches it on his phone at work. That browser history is full of dirty movies. At home, he likes to watch porn at night after I go to bed, but he says he doesn’t watch it every night because he also watches a lot of sports. I don’t know if I should be worried and I don’t think he’s telling me the truth about his use. Should I assume he’s lying to me about it?Click Here

venting(1)Getting Trivial Things Off My Chest – April Edition It’s been a month since I’ve written one of those rambling articles with a lot of little items that really don’t deserve their own posting but keep rattling around in my brain. Some are good, some are negative, but it’s time to clear some real estate in my head for other things having to do with porn addiction. Click Here

Paul-ice-swim-interview-at-CBC-Radio-December-21st-2012A Tale of Two Interview Experiences Call me crazy, but I have come to believe that one of the reasons I was put on this earth was to talk about pornography addiction. With every interview I give, it becomes a little clearer to me that I’m supposed to create awareness for those have none and be a voice of hope for those who are dealing with it. I know it sounds simultaneously spiritual, egotistical and insane, but it feels more genuine and authentic than few things I’ve done in my life prior. Click Here

4d7f5dc6ee31f1426480492d501a8ae2There is Meaning to Life…No Matter How Bad It May Get When one is an addict, porn or otherwise, and hits rock bottom, some dark questions about mortality can emerge. Is there meaning to life? Yes, there is. But don’t try too hard to figure out the finer details. Like the concepts of infinity, the universe and God, I don’t believe the human mind is evolutionally equipped to understand the concept. Click Here

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Available for appearances

Web Flyer picI am now ready for the live presentation “The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About” which takes a look at the looming health crisis that pornography addiction poses in the near future. If your church, library, college organization of civic group would like a non-graphic presentation, or if you would like to see where I’ll be presenting, click HERE.

Coming soon to Pelham, NH and Rangeley, ME


      1. Vanilla Ice has a movie?! haha
        I don’t think sales are as important as you having the courage of sharing all of this. But of course, I wish that everything works out!


  1. Thank you for being open about this relevant subject! I, along with my other pastors, was never taught how to address this matter in seminary. Despite the neglect, God showed me how to extend grace to those with this struggle and help restore them to the path God has for them. Someone must speak up, and those who hear must not play the Pharisee.

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