Updated 7/16/2018

caritadeeshowJuly 16: Joshua Shea appears on CaribVision’s night-time talk show to discuss pornography addiction

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America_Struggle_with_Addiction_1000x600Guest Blogger Note from Josh: This is the first time I’m presenting a guest blogger. Aeden Smith-Ahearn approached me with some research he was working on and wondered if I’d like to share it. Upon looking at the map he’s created, I think he shows just how prevalent sex and porn addiction is in the US. I also think it’s important to point out all of the other addictions. This is really some fantastic work on his part and I hope you’ll enjoy it and be educated as much as I was. Click Here

breaking-news-gif-2Breaking News The World Health Organization is the first major international healthcare & health research organization to recognize “Compulsive Sexual Behavior” as a legitimate, diagnosable mental health condition. Click Here


CzGv-E9XAAAHk_pKeep Your Friends Close and Your Good Friends Closer I know I’m writing a bunch lately. Whatever the opposite of writer’s block is, I have it, and you’re the victim. One of the things that my 15-year-old son doesn’t seem at all interested in doing in life is creating or maintaining close friendships with other people. I guess it’s OK, but as somebody 27 years his elder, I worry that he’s going to come to regret it, especially if he finds himself with his back against the wall like I did when my pornography addiction was revealed in a very public way. Click Here

venting(1)Getting Trivial Things Off My Chest – July Edition I rather enjoy when it’s time to write this monthly article. It lets me take the thoughts I haven’t been able to form into a blog-length article and just blurt them, even if they’re only a sentence long. It’s just like clearing a garden of the stuff that is decent, but won’t grow. Click Here

My first book is still available through Amazon

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Purchase the book via Amazon:
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I’m Now Offering Peer Support Counseling

adult-adventure-baby-532508I’ve decided to leap in with both feet and begin formally providing peer support counseling to people who are dealing with pornography addiction or those who have porn addicts in their lives who are directly affected. I appreciate the encouragement from the people who have urged me to direct my energy in this direction. It will be interesting to see what happens. Click Here for Website

Radio and Podcast Interviews (Links for shows HERE):
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Available for appearances

Web Flyer picI am now ready for the live presentation “The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About” which takes a look at the looming health crisis that pornography addiction poses in the near future. If your church, library, college organization of civic group would like a non-graphic presentation, or if you would like to see where I’ll be presenting, follow the contact link.

If you’re looking for a quote for an article or would like me to appear on your podcast or radio show, contact me HERE.


      1. Vanilla Ice has a movie?! haha
        I don’t think sales are as important as you having the courage of sharing all of this. But of course, I wish that everything works out!


  1. Thank you for being open about this relevant subject! I, along with my other pastors, was never taught how to address this matter in seminary. Despite the neglect, God showed me how to extend grace to those with this struggle and help restore them to the path God has for them. Someone must speak up, and those who hear must not play the Pharisee.

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  2. I heard you on a podcast and bought your book exactly four months ago now. I finally got through the book (I’m a slow reader but also thought it wise to chew on your story daily.) You may have saved my life. I took your advice and have filed this as a cautionary tale. Read, filed, and there to read again. Many positive actions have been taken in that time span. More to come. Sleep – I must add – has proven to be my biggest ally for positive change in my life over these past few weeks over which the most change has occurred for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are so welcome. As I read this reply from you to my post, I feel connected to you as not just a writer of a book but as a real person. It brings up emotions of both sadness and joy – for your hardships and your ultimate successes. I am sure much of that emotion is mine as I consider my struggles and several times when I thought my actions were about to bring my whole world down. I have had so many chances to turn it around and I feel that this will be the time when it may actually happen. Thank you again, Mr. Shea.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey dude,

    Thanks for following my blog – I’d try to follow you back but I don’t know how to (just got this thing).

    It’s awesome you’re doing so much for the recovery movement – much respect!

    Peace Y

    Liked by 1 person

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