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Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 9.51.55 AMFeb. 19 – The Podcasting Couch with Chris Carlson. Hear it on ITunes


add2c89a-a856-4aa7-825a-505e3eaa8cee_headshotFeb. 13 – Sexual Addiction: Strength~Hope~Recovery with Carol the Coach. Hear it on ITunes


necn2See the news story about the book that aired on WCSH6 in Maine and on New England Cable News.

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cross-cloudsGod’s Confusing Role In My Recovery I’m going to be totally up front here, and I really hope that I don’t unintentionally or ignorantly say something that offends, but I’ve got to say that since entering the world of blogging, I’m more confused than ever the role God plays in recovery and my life. Click Here for More

depression_tunnel_600pxMental Health Education, Not Gun Laws, Will Reduce Violence in Our Schools Forgive me going off-topic, but this isn’t that far off-topic. Before you start screaming about gun control – and I certainly know why you’d want to today – it makes more sense to look at this in the sense of message vs. messenger. Guns are the messenger and the shooters are the message…and the message is that we need just as much energy, attention and resources devoted to mental health as we do gun control. Click Here for More

1Protecting Our Children on the Internet Has Very Little to do With Being Online I’d love to be more optimistic about this topic, but we need to stop fooling ourselves. Protecting children from the dangers of the Internet is far more impossible than we want to admit and the best way to protect your kids has nothing to do with any of their apps or devices. Click Here for More

shutterstock_593229545-e1502314009461Recovery Began By Dropping Resentments “I could never forgive/am still upset with X for doing Y.” I’m sure you have plenty of X’s and Y’s. I try not to anymore. One of the biggest pieces of my recovery has been learning to drop grudges and squash resentments before they start. Letting things go feels like releasing oxygen; refusing to feels like suffocation. Click Here For More

4035849_ffd5f3ceYour Path To Addiction Recovery Doesn’t Need To Be Everyone Else’s I don’t know if it has to do with the general political divisiveness that has been growing in America over the last two decades or just a natural tendency to need to be proven correct, but I really hope this trend I’m seeing of “The only path to successful recovery is the one that I took” rhetoric doesn’t continue. It’s not going to help anybody. Click Here For More

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      1. Vanilla Ice has a movie?! haha
        I don’t think sales are as important as you having the courage of sharing all of this. But of course, I wish that everything works out!


  1. Thank you for being open about this relevant subject! I, along with my other pastors, was never taught how to address this matter in seminary. Despite the neglect, God showed me how to extend grace to those with this struggle and help restore them to the path God has for them. Someone must speak up, and those who hear must not play the Pharisee.

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