Getting Trivial Things Off My Chest – March Edition

So often in recovery, it feels like we’re not supposed to have bad days. The challenges the world throws at us are just opportunities for growth. Succumbing to negativity will only suck you back into your addiction. I think all of this is extreme and I think the best way to battle it is to just sometimes express what’s on your mind…so enjoy this atypical blog post.

  • As many of you know, I wrote a book you should buy six copies of – one for every room in the house, adjust upward or downward as needed. I’ve learned a lot of random stuff about releasing a book, like your friends who claim they’ll buy your book on Amazon don’t realize you can track sales, especially if they’re in a random part of the USA. Did that friend in Bozeman, Montana, say they’d buy a copy yet your best seller rank didn’t improve, and the little section of the sales map in Montana didn’t turn light blue? That friend is a liar. A dirty, illiterate liar.
  • Many libraries don’t actually want books. I’ve offered my book to around 250 libraries. I think 20 have accepted my offer at this point. Most simply don’t respond while a few do say no, offering cryptic messages like, “I don’t think that fits the mission of our collection.” What does that even mean? Your library has a pro-porn addiction mission? That’s not a library, that’s an adult book store!
  • Why do bloggers go to the Swimming Pool or whatever it’s called on Mondays through WordPress and like your comment, but never visit your site? Oh, I get it. It’s so I go look at theirs. So you want me to do what you won’t do for me? I’m on to you. We’re all onto you!
  • There are still a million little libraries in this world. While the Internet has hurt a lot, it’s amazing the amount of towns in New England with under 3,000 people that still have a library. Some are only open 8 hours a week, but it’s nice to see that they’re still there.
  • I totally get how high school teachers can teach the same stuff over and over all day long. I’ve been on a lot of podcasts and told my story many, many times. The story doesn’t change, and I’ve got the Cliff Notes version down to about 30 seconds. I apologize to those hosts who had to deal with me in the beginning when it was a five-minute ramble.
  • I sold fewer books in my immediate area than I was expecting. I don’t know if this is from a lack of media and people don’t know about it yet. I would have thought that at least around here, more people would want to know if they’re name was in the book. There are still many in my immediate vicinity who look down upon me. I would have thought they would have bought one just to badmouth it. I don’t know if this better.
  • Getting the riff to Sleepyhead by Passion Pit stuck in your head when you’re trying to write a blog entry is frustrating. Damn these kids and their music.
  • I still can’t figure out if it’s better to not get a return email about something or to get rejected. Be it a library I’m asking about my book, a podcast or radio show I’m trying to get on or any other first-time contact query, I feel a sting when I get an answer that says “No.” I feel insulted when I get no answer. And if you’re ever going to have a contact section of your website, writing “We get so much email we can’t respond to it all” just makes you sound like a self-important asshole. You may as well just say, “We’re going to rank how important you are. If you don’t hear from us, well, you know where you fall. Now be gone, peasant!”

Ahhhh…I feel better. It would not have been healthy to keep that all inside. Now I’m going to go back to the real work I’m avoiding.


6 thoughts on “Getting Trivial Things Off My Chest – March Edition

    1. I’ll never get rich off of it anytime soon but that’s really not the point. It’s the kind of book that sells OK at first, and then a couple copies a week until the market gets flooded. If I release other books, it will also help. At this point, translation would cost too much for potential risk. I can’t promote in Dutch or Swahili. It’s available in English through all Amazon versions (except China) and if any one took off, we’d move on a translation for that particular language.


    2. Not even close. I’m still a full-time freelance writer/ghostwriter between promotion. I’ve started to book libraries and churches for small presentations, but am not taking money for that at this point. I just want to practice talking about this stuff in front of people. Five or six years from now, if I have another book or two out and have a good presentation, that’s where I might make a few dollars, but I didn’t get into this for the money.


  1. It’s always good to get things off your chest. Heck, I do it all the time to my closest friends and occasionally on my blog. Actually, I think I do it more on my blog than I realize…lol.

    The book will take off.

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