Your alarming pornography statistic of the month for April

In order to sound like I know what I’m talking about, I have to read a lot, and it’s only in the last 5-6 years that anybody in the science community has been studying pornography addiction, so information is always changing, especially among younger adults who make the Internet a constant part of their lives.

Psychology Today recently reported about a study conducted regarding the use of pornography within a relationship conducted by several Canadian and American college professors.

Just over 1,000 people, mostly between 18 and 35, evenly split among men and women were interviewed.  About 70% were either married or living together for more than a year with their partner.

Get these stats:

In the last six months, 98% of men and 73% of women used the Internet for pornography. Taking it down to just the last month, it was 80% of men and 26% of women. The margin of error could have brought the male use number over 100%! Think about that.

If you have 100 men and 100 women aged 18-35, in a relationship in a room together…only 29 haven’t looked at porn online in the last six months.

Still don’t think this might be a big problem on the horizon?

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