Taking Some Time Off, But I’ll Be Back

I think after almost two straight years of blogging – this is post No. 140 – I’ve earned myself a bit of a vacation. Between the load of work I have in my professional life and wanting to enjoy the few months of warm weather Maine has with my family, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from this blog until after Labor Day.

I’m not going away forever, just a couple of months. There have been many weeks over the last couple months when I had to really dig to find something to write about. I understand that the people who are in the throes of pornography addiction and first discover my site have used it as a resource, but there are more and more times where I feel like I’ve said all there is to be said, often two or three times. I need an opportunity to unplug and recharge.

I will still get alerts if anybody comments on a post or if somebody wants to get in touch with me via the contact page. I’ll still help counsel those who visit my other page, and if something is important enough for me to write about in a timely manner, I will.

I want to thank everyone who regularly reads and contributes to this blog. When I started it was just going to be a marketing vehicle for my book, but it turned into something much more important. I know it has helped people and it has made me feel like maybe my self-imposed journey into hell five or six years ago wasn’t all for naught.

We’ll see you when the leaves start to change!

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