6 thoughts on “Stories from Jail: Random Things I Learned Doing Time

  1. That was interesting, so actually it’s not like on tv I guess? The thing I can’t understand is the following: when you really think your partner is going to kill you, would you like to see him/her again? I think when you’ve made the call, it would be a clear sign that something in the relationship isn’t working. How long can such a sentence be?

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    1. No, it wasn’t like TV. It was more like being stuck in a waiting room. Some people are good at passing the time, others not so much. I certainly wouldn’t want to go back, but I tell people it was long time, not hard time.

      As for your other question, I think a lot of it has to do with the socioeconomics and environments a lot of these people came from. Some women fell for the gaslighting of “Baby, I just love you so much and I made a mistake and it’ll never happen again.” Some women see themselves as 21-year-olds with three children by two men and can’t imagine not having the help, either financial or in child rearing. I think most are just scared of being alone and don’t understand they could strive for a better life if they sought out the proper resources.

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      1. Circumstances play a big role in these things off course. I honestly can’t know how I would react if placed in the same position. Thank you for your answer, I think I learned something. Nothing is as black or white as it seems.

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  2. Does the length of your sentence influence where you do your time? In Canada anything up to 2 years less a day is served in provincial jail, and 2 years plus is in federal penitentiary. Is there anything similar in the US?

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    1. I believe it varies from state-to-state in the US. Here in Maine, you do your time in a county jail up to 9 months. Anything beyond that is state prison, unless you have federal charges, then you go to federal prison.

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