10 Blogs I Love That You Should Follow, But Probably Don’t Know About

I appreciate every person that follows me and based on my hits, I know a lot of people read the site regularly even if they don’t want to raise their hand and admit it. That’s fine. I just sometimes wonder if the people who have 2,349 followers recognize how lucky they are. Conversely, I also wonder if the people with 18 followers are doing something wrong but don’t know it. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

There used to be a great page on WordPress called the Swimming Pool, run by the company itself. Every Monday, people could post their pages, asking for feedback to what they wrote, the look of their site, or anything else in general. It was where I met a lot of the people who I first followed and who first followed me.

They closed down the page and it left a big gap for introducing people to one another. Now, I only learn of new sites if I specifically search for them on the Reader page or if I check out what commenters on other sites have to say.

Anyway, I follow about as many sites as follow me and many of them, like me, have a decent following, but deserve to be introduced to a wider audience. So, in the spirit of giving back, but since I hate those dumbass awards, I’d like to share some links with you.

The following links have between 25 and 300 followers. They have posted in the last month and post with regularity. I apologize to anybody if it offends them that I didn’t list them here. Dry those tears while reading these blogs:

Life Advice

Coaching Skills International – Quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. It may just be a meme reminding you how to stick to new habits or a well-written article on relationship issues, but I always know I’m getting a quality post when this site pops up in my reader.

Tony Overbay’s Official Site – OK, I’m breaking my rule by sharing a site with less than 25 followers (as I write this) but Tony’s got one of the best podcasts out there and links to his episodes here. He’s a brilliant licensed marriage and family therapist. He’s also the co-author of my new book, so I’m probably biased.


Revfit – Jason Leenaarts hosts a great podcast, but also provides great inspiration in the areas of fitness, diet, weight loss, philosophy and shares plenty about his own life. I don’t understand how he doesn’t have 500 times the followers. Inspirational and fun to read.

Defeating Stigma Mindfully (DSM) – Dr. Alexander Sinu breaks down all subjects health-related from addiction to to supplements to dementia. He keeps things short, has supporting links if you want to read more and writes with a level of respect and care toward every subject.

Life Happenings

Return of Conflict Girl – Holly is dealing with a lot right now, but somehow, she keeps her wits about her. She’s an introvert dealing with an uncertain future and is a real testament to having inner strength.

Suicide and Sex Work – Hope is a woman 100 times braver than most of us. She went through unspeakable horrors being sex trafficked as a small child by a family member. The fallout all of these years later sticks with her, but she’s open to sharing it and spreading understanding. It’s sometimes very hard to read, but her honesty is powerful.

BetrayedWife.net – This site was one of the big inspirations for me to write my new book and I think is a real gem. Any woman who is dealing with a husband or partner that is trying to navigate recovery from sex or porn addiction should really be reading this blog.

A Mix of Everything

Sophybless – I wish I was as good at writing short fiction that has a message to it as you find here. She’s able to craft vivid characters quickly and leave me both entertained and thinking about what she wrote. I’m not a big fan of poetry, but hers is quite good, too.

Even Christians Get the Blues – Rollie Anderson was one of the first people to embrace me on WordPress and let me know I wasn’t the only recovering porn addict here. Every Monday, he shares Bible verses, his interpretation behind them, and how they fit into the modern world of religion and spirituality. Even a guy like me who isn’t religious and only kind of spiritual gets a lot of out his writing.

Food.For.Thoughts – This has become another one of my recent favorites to read late in the morning. Most of it centers around mental health, with recent posts about social media, insomnia and therapy, usually tying the topic into depression by the end of the post. I very much appreciate how she refers her sources, but also gives her opinion on the facts.

20 thoughts on “10 Blogs I Love That You Should Follow, But Probably Don’t Know About

    1. Yours has been one of the most important blogs for me. You’re on the other side of the equation, but have never judged me, and although you could crash into me with your car in real life and I’d never know it’s you, I feel like you’re a great virtual acquaintance.

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      1. The feeling is mutual. 🙂 And I don’t see how I could possibly judge you. Partners of sex addicts are the proverbial folks living in glass houses. My husband’s involvement with prostitutes and massage parlors was all illegal. His pic collecting was legal, in theory, but unless he was getting pictures from menopausal women it’s entirely possible some of the women in the photos could have been under age. He had no way to know and he was kidding himself if he thought he could. I’d be foolish to try to draw any distinction between you other than that you were caught and he was not. He was clearly headed in that direction as things were spiraling out of control.

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      2. I just re-read this and feel like I wiffed a bit (it’s what I get for trying to string words together on a Monday morning). I firmly believe that all people are more than the worst thing they’ve ever done. I’m not proud of my worst moment and wouldn’t want to be judged forever by it. Similarly, neither you nor my husband should be judged forever by what you did in the darkest depths of your addiction. I think that’s especially true if you own it, learn from it, and work to change yourself and your life for the better. I think you’ve clearly done that.

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      3. I don’t think you whiffed the first time, I think you pointed out a valid fact. I don’t know if I’ve ever shared it here, although it’s in my first book, but at one point, after I was arrested, the District Attorney (who I knew in passing) said to me, “Josh, only one out of 100 people get caught doing what you did. Unfortunately for you, you’re the one.” I first thought, “What horrible luck” but now, despite any restrictions I’ll have to deal with throughout my life, I realize I was actually the lucky one.

        I also agree people are more than their worst act. I was like that before I got arrested. At that point, it branded me a liberal. Now, I think because of what I did, it brands me a sympathizer. Liberal sympathizer? I can live with it. Like you said, as long as you’re working to fix things and not wallowing, I think you deserve the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I feel honored. You captivated precisely what I want my blog to be. I’ll check out the other blogs too, it’s a great way to getting to know others. Thank you!

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I’m honored especially to hear that you think I have inner strength! I really love the work that you’re doing, especially to shed light on a topic too many people don’t discuss.

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    1. It’s only through stories like yours that we can even begin to understand the problem, much less figure out a way to solve it. Sharing your story will have ripple effects for years to come that you won’t be able to see, but will be there.


  3. You know…those people with thousands of followers…only the folk who regularly ‘like’ and comment are their REAL followers. Some people press the follow button just to be followed back. But if that blog has many comments, then yes, I agree with you that they are lucky because they know they are engaging the interests of many.

    But I find that some of those bloggers havent the time to reply back or if they do, they rarely comment on other people’s posts. They have become too wrapped up in themselves.

    Quantity is not important. If you have 4-5 regular readers, that is excellent. I said 4-5, not 45 or 450 or 4500. Get to know your 18 followers really well. Re-read their old posts. Find other things in common. They will be 18 good friends you never had before you began blogging. Friends who may turn out to be more loyal and supportive of you than those you see in the flesh each week.

    The grass is never greener on the other side of WordPress. I hope that helps.

    Thanks for the recommendations. Forget SEO and all those emails about how to attract more followers. Be you, interact with others genuinely and you will soon meet more great bloggers on here. Good luck.

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    1. I think these are all fantastic points. I do find it curious when I comment on someone’s page who has 8000 followers and I’m only one of three who say anything.

      Also, I have about 18,000 hits in two years, covering 270 or so followers. I was on a site earlier today that had 7,000 followers, but only 9,000 hits. That tells me that while people may follow, nobody actually reads that site.

      The one thing I notice is that many bloggers seem to have about a 4-6 month active shelf life. They appear, they write a bunch, then like an alien space ship appeared and kidnapped, they just disappear. As long as I don’t get abducted, I’ll keep writing!

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