Dear The Other Joshua Shea, Life is Sometimes Funny This Way

I guess the good news is that when it comes to stature, I’m one of the two most famous people named Joshua Shea in the world.

The other is a 15-year-old actor who was in one of those Fantastic Beasts movies. He still gets more listings in the first few pages of Google than I do, but he hasn’t followed up with anything and my new book and podcast appearances are claiming more entries toward the front.

But like a set of twins at a family reunion, nobody can tell us apart, even Uncle Google.

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 4.29.25 PM

I’m prolific, but dang….even I couldn’t grow a beard that sweet at 15 years old.

Part of me is surprised I’ve never heard from anybody representing him. I think their smart move would to be to buy the rights to the name from me. I’ll totally become Irving Shea or Joshua Kardashian for $35,000.

And if not interested, then the one thing I can offer you, Josh, is your perfect excuse if anybody accuses of watching too much porn. Just say you’re the other guy. I know when people say I’m not acting my age, I just claim to really be 15 and tell people to Google it.

5 thoughts on “Dear The Other Joshua Shea, Life is Sometimes Funny This Way

    1. Yeah, part of me really feels for that kid. When I first got on Facebook 10 or 12 years ago, there got to a point where there was about 8 people with my name, but nobody was remotely famous. But, like I said, the name can be bought. $$$

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