I Won the Invisible Blogger Award!!!

I have no idea who sent it because the message was blank, nor do I know the rules. In fact, I’m not really sure it was the Invisible Blogger Award. I just had a sense I won something. I’ve just nominated 12 of you for it! You won’t find the message in your inbox.

Yesterday, I was in an academic mood, so Iwrote a half-decently researched article about the COVID-19 (You have to add the 19 or people are going to be confused which COVID you’re talking about) virus and how the pornography industry was taking advantage of situation of being forced to live Thoreau’s “Walden” in real time. Since then, I’ve had a contest with my 17-year-old son and 40-year-old brother to find obscure, strange and ultimately really funny if you’re way-too-tired videos on the Internet.

We all did this for way too long and the videos are still being exchanged. I won’t give you the complete rundown, but my favorites are involving music, so I’ll tackle just that genre today. If I get a good response, I’ll provide more. I’d also love recommendations to throw back and my brother and son.

So, if you’ve got a few minutes and want to laugh, shake your head, be confused, smile, etc., I offer these music videos for your Sunday.


Dead Giveaway — This news story is around seven or eight years old, but it was one of those creepy guys keeps a family in his basement stories. When one of the kids escaped, they ran to the neighbor’s house, where she met Charles Ramsey. He was a hero, and gave the same hilarious interview to four or five national news stations following the capture of his neighbor. For those people who are fans of the Netflix show, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” this is the video upon which its open credits was inspired by. Whoever auto-tuned this had great material as this guy should have done into standup after this because he was a naturally funny storyteller.


Shia LaBeouf I don’t know much about the creation of this video as it was just introduced to me yesterday. Since it has 66 million hits, I’m clearly late to the party. Once I’m done trying to avoid my real work for the day (end-of-the-month freelancer mad dash to finish stuff you promised for the first of the month) I’ll find the origin story that must be out there somewhere. I found myself singing this one this morning.


Sexy Sax Man – This guy actually became a bit of a minor celebrity when he pulled this viral prank repeatedly in the LA area, ultimately landing one of the joke spots on America’s Got Talent auditions show. The premise is simple. This guy shows up and plays the opening sax solo of Wham’s “Careless Whisper” that we all know. If you want the longer version of any of the clips in this, you can find them online.


WTF Are We Doing Out Here – Warning, Adult Language. If you have kids, turn it up loud enough so they can hear it, too. This is a parody video of a parody video by the brilliant MelodySheep, who I’ll talk about more in the next entry. As a former new reporter, this is a question that we all asked ourselves many, many times. Sometimes you don’t report because it’s news. You report because you can’t have dead air, or a blank page in the newspaper. But, some people isolated the funniest part of the video, and put a killer track behind it. I think if you let it repeat and just lean back and close your eyes, it becomes more of a philosophical question. I’m glad I was long done smoking weed when I found this or I would have been mesmerized. And for those who like this, there is a 10-hour version out there.

Garden of Your Mind – This isn’t at all funny, but I love it and wanted to include it. Neither my parents, nor my children, can really understand the power of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. For a little kid hiding the secret he was being abused at the babysitter’s during the day, getting 30 minutes of this calming, reassuring figure after returning home to the safety of my house with my parents, was a helpful transition to my two worlds. This was done by the brilliant digital artist MelodySheep. I urge you to check out his stuff on YouTube. It is absolutely brilliant. I could have filled this post with just his stuff, from remixing Carl Sagan to Willy Wonka, his output is true art. Between documentaries and movies, Mister Rogers been getting a lot of attention lately. If you don’t understand the big deal, it’s OK…but it’s not hype. More than any other media personality, he helped shape who I am today.

Look, a Wagon Wheel – I like cheese, sometimes to my digestive system’s detriment. But how did I get this way? I blame this public service announcement, which played at least 5 times an hour during children’s programming of the early 1980s. Warning, if you were a child of this time period, this may cause flashbacks…and a desire for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Captain Lou Albano – So, to end this mess, we look to a song originally recorded by cult favorite NRBQ in the early 80s. In 1985, the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) released a version covered by Albano with a lot of additional talking between him and George “The Animal” Steele. More novel than the song is the video. If it look rudimentary, it’s because it is. Before memes, before YouTube, before everybody and their brother were slick filmmakers, you had to have some skills. I first saw this video in probably 2000 and it was cutting edge technology for the time.

14 thoughts on “I Won the Invisible Blogger Award!!!

  1. I hope you get a cloak of invisibility to go along with that award.

    I thought Mr. Rogers was wonderful, but for some reason my mom found him annoying and so she tried to reduce our viewing time.


    1. All I can guess is that he threatened a certain “stuff your emotions” philosophy that many of our parents were raised with, knew in their hearts was wrong, but were too emotionally damaged and intimately unavailable to face.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t share this story in the body of the post cause it would have made the entry too long, but at one point, when I was publisher of a magazine, toward the end when shit was getting bad on so many levels, I brought our full-time staff of five and two of the three part-timers in for a meeting and I played this clip for about five minutes without saying a word. I closed the laptop and then said, “I ask you, what in the fuck are we doing here?” I thought it might be clever enough to get us on the same page. We were closed less than six months later. Management 101…pick the right YouTube clips to inspire the workers.


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