Instead of the Grateful Eight This Month, Let’s Celebrate My Neatness

Most of my old regulars know that I don’t do the award thing, although I have committed to letting Kacha give me one per year. I’ve been so wrapped up in my latest book project and just realized today that I missed my Grateful Eight post by at least 10 days.

So, I’m going to make an exception and accept the Real Neat Blogger Award and extend thanks to Nilesh Sharma, who nominated me. I urge you to check out his common sense blog when you get a chance. He shares a lot of great stuff he finds and I urge you to check out his Margaret Meade and Abraham Lincoln entries.

If you know me, you know I’m not nominating anybody else. Feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments if you’d like.

Here are the questions Nilesh has asked me to answer:

1. Name any 2 lines or dialogues from books/movies that you found fascinating.

My favorite quote of all time is by Friedrich Nietzsche:

“That which is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.” It’s quoted in a bunch of his books, so take your pick.

I think the greatest character ever portrayed on TV was Lt. Bookman, the library cop on one episode of Seinfeld. If this rerun is on, everything in my house stops to hear his monologue, which is obviously inspired by Joe Friday’s staccato delivery:

I can’t write it all down, so watch it:

2. What type of movies do you watch? any specific director or actor preferences?

I like independent films that are well done, weird and haven’t been seen before, but I don’t like stuff to be weird for the sake of it. For instance, I think both Midsommar and Parasite were two of the best films ever made. Both came out in 2019. I also like documentaries. I’ll never watch anything that’s a period costume drama, has a theme of war or looks dumb…which means I don’t watch a lot.

3. What is your take about Politics?

Republicans are heartless hypocrites, Democrats are brainless hypocrites. If only there was a third party the Cowardly Lion could join.
4. Name three Habits you want to share with us.

  • I get up every morning at 5:30 to deal with the dogs so my wife can sleep
  • I enjoy likely unhealthy levels of caffeine
  • Unless somebody reminds me to eat, I often miss meals…yet my midsection doesn’t show it.

5. Which will be your go-to place for dinner, once this lockdown ends?

I miss sushi. Most of the other stuff I can get curbside, but the good sushi place in town shut down until this is over.

6. Describe your favourite Book.

It’s got pages and a cover and I can put it on a shelf. It was probably also written by me.
7. When you joined the WordPress community, what were your thoughts? Did you have any expectations? Was there any specific reason why you chose blogging? (Apart from being passionate about writing)

Damn it, now I have to learn to build a website. I started to promote my first book, but when it was delayed a few months, I just started writing to fill the time and here we are now, nearly three years later. Or is it four?


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