I Need Your Opinion, Please

I alluded a week or two earlier to an opportunity I have that could potentially be a very big deal that I can’t quite explain just yet, which makes this a little bit difficult to get into, but I’ll try.

I am going to be in a very public position to share a message about pornography addiction later this year. I won’t say how because I’m not allowed to yet. Maybe it’s a national TV show. Maybe it’s an article in a major publication. Maybe it’s a big-deal speech. Maybe it’s a mega-podcast. Maybe it’s a hybrid of these things or something that I didn’t mention. The point is, don’t focus on that, focus on the fact this is a big deal.

I have to figure out that message and outline my “presentation” to those in power by June 15. It’s a first for me, but if this is how the big boys play, it’s their yard.

I’ve decided I want my presentation (probably the best catch-all word) to speak to a general, non-addict audience. I am going to assume that if they have been introduced to the concept of pornography addiction, they have given it little thought. I have no idea of the exact audience demographics, but someone who is willing to engage with this topic is probably, but not always, going to be a little younger and a little more liberal than the 50th percentile.

I can come up with an outline easy enough — it will largely just be snippets of things I’ve said on here, in my books and on podcasts for the last couple years stitched together, but the order is important and that is decided by the overall title/theme.

I’m going to cover a lot in the presentation, illustrating that porn addiction is a problem, how it actually is an addiction, what we may be in for if we don’t address the problem, and some ways we can start by addressing it. It’s not an anti-porn presentation. It’s a pro-education presentation.

So…what do you like for an overall title/theme?

  • Pornography: The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About
  • Pornography, the Virtual Drug of the 21st Century, And We’re Hooked
  • Pornography Addiction: The Next Great Healthcare Crisis, Unless…
  • We’re Silently Losing Our Children to Pornography Addiction
  • Pornography Education: It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Addiction

I have narrowed it down to these five because I think they’re all catchy and they all reflect what at least part of the content of the presentation will be. If you have a better idea, I’d love to hear it, but assuming you were flipping through a magazine, or the radio dial, or were at a museum with different displays, which one of these would call your attention the most that you couldn’t help but pay attention? If this was the title of a PBS or Discovery special, or the name of a college course, what would create the most pause? And of course, why is that the best title?

I appreciate your feedback.

25 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinion, Please

  1. All the titles I came up with are far too long, but I think what might draw people in, is how it affects children, of course I am saying that as a parent. But what I have learnt is that you are unable to help an another adult with an addiction, but you can help your child

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  2. I’m with ashleyleia and like the first and 5th ones the best. Also, what about something like “Why You Should Care About Pornography Addiction: The Unseen Mental Health Crisis.”

    It might loop in folks who don’t care or who don’t think they need to care.

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  3. It’s funny because the first one is my “placeholder” title I had to come up with a while ago. I just used the title of the first book. I like your headline/title, but I’m not sure it would grab somebody walking by if it was on the side of a bus. I think there almost needs to be a greater sense of urgency or doom and gloom….you can tell I used to write clickbait 🙂

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      1. I love it, and thought of that because of the new book I just finished, but I don’t know if it’s still going to be super relevant when this presentation is public. It will also stay in the public in perpetuity. Will people really care in 2023? If we have a serious second wave hit between now and the speech, it is worth keeping as a back-up.

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    1. I wonder if that would grab the average person. I could see an academic and intellectual audience reacting, but does it come off as preachy to the average person? Would “You’re Going to Pay the Price” be catchier?


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