My New Book Will Be Released on July 5!!!

I am excited to announce that my next book Porn and the Pandemic: An Unseen Long-Term Effect of COVID-19 will be available on July 5!!!

I’m excited about this book because unlike my first two books, this was not planned and worked on for months or years. From conception to completion, it was just under one month, but the 12-to-15 hour days working on it gave me a renewed sense of purpose while everybody was just kind of sitting around. My therapist told me that she hadn’t heard me as excited about anything in a long while.

No, this isn’t the “presentation” I asked help in titling a few days ago. I’m still waiting on the OK to tell you about that.

Porn and the Pandemic is a shorter book than my usual, and I hope the price point will reflect it, but that kind of stuff is out of my hands. While still told in first person, which is my plan for every pornography education book I write, I think it allowed me to flex my analytical and journalistic skillset more than any book I’ve written to this point.

I hope you’ll keep this on your radar as we move closer to July.

7 thoughts on “My New Book Will Be Released on July 5!!!

  1. Sounds interesting! Looking forward to reading it – this lockdown has made it very difficult for me tp fight my porn addiction and I am sure I am not alone with this so your book will help many people – thank you for publishing it!



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