8 thoughts on “The Grateful Eight – The “Four Years Since I Got Out of Jail” Edition

  1. Well, before the lockdown, I wasn’t really paying attention to blogging.

    So I didn’t give much reference to my blog.

    But when the lockdown came, I was so grateful that I still have my blog and I determined that i was going to build it.

    If you remember, I met you during lockdown. I think April 26 or so.
    And because of the time spent on my blog, I met amazing people like you and many more!

    So if I would be grateful for something since the lockdown, it would be the existence of my blog.

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      1. Haha! Feels like we’ve been friends for years!

        I guess it’s because you are a good and experienced writer, author and speaker. And I’m just growing to becoming these things. So we have a lot in common, especially the love of wrestling entertainment 😅


  2. I did 6 years only got out this April, grateful for the food, the women, the music and the chance to walk more than 100 metres in a straight line. Never take the little things for granted. Best wishes.

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