Do I Need to Change the Tone of This Site?

I’ve had a pretty good run the last few weeks as it has come to my pornography addiction professional endeavors. First, my new book came out in early July, which has prompted a new round of interviews promoting it and spreading the word of pornography addiction.

Then, I was finally able to announce my TEDx Talk that will be coming up in December. This past week I was also asked to participate in my first serious conference about addiction, giving a presentation about pornography addiction in their behavioral addiction category. The conference was going to take place in Spain, but because of some kind of flu going around, it’s been moved to a virtual realm. That’s good for me because I don’t have the money to go to Spain and my passport ran out about 10 years ago. But, this is a very big deal for me as it lets me continue to move away from “Josh Shea – Former porn addict” to “Josh Shea – Pornography Addiction Expert.” In the end, I think there’s more money (or any money) in being that second guy.

A well-respected therapist is putting together a masterclass series involving betrayal trauma and I was asked to participate in that very recently. I’m excited to be in a situation more of teaching than of just being interviewed. I’ve got to learn how to put up graphics on Zoom if anybody out there wants to give me a tutorial.

With these professional opportunities coming my way, it’s made me wonder if I need to make this site less about me and more about my mission. I know most people who are familiar with me through WordPress, just catch me on the Reader or get an alert when I write something, but I think my site is more a traditional site than just a “blog site.” I try to call what I write and post “articles” instead of blogs because it sounds less DIY to me.

As it stands now, I don’t post entries like this, which are more personal and almost conversational or the ones that don’t have to do with porn addiction, such as in the recent past when I’ve written about COVID-19 or racism. I only post the ones that I would want somebody who doesn’t know anything about me and is checking out my work to see. Sure, they can snoop around and find an entry like this easy enough, but I’m already gatekeeping to a certain degree. An entry like this plays to the regular group of followers, the ones I post are more mainstream for everybody.

I’ve started curtailing the personal stuff on LinkedIn and am struggling if I should do it here. I guess I could always start another blog if I feel the need to write about other topics or share stories from my life. I just feel like I’m coming to a point where the grassroots guy trying to save the world needs to bring it up a notch.

Maybe I’m wrong…thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Do I Need to Change the Tone of This Site?

  1. That sounds like a natural evolution.

    One approach could be to use categories for your posts to keep personal and professional distinct, and on the front page mention and link to just the professional categories.

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    1. I like that idea. I don’t want to pay for another site, but being that I’ve been a professional writer since I was 17, I’m used to having some outlet where I know somebody is reading my opinion. I don’t think I could write in a journal or diary if I didn’t think somebody was going to read it. Probably an interesting pathology behind that.

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  2. I think you’re gaining much more respect by writing and sharing what you’ve learned about porn addiction because it’s such an important topic not that many knowledgeable people are addressing. I doubt you’ll change anyone’s political views but I know without doubt you have a good chance of changing a porn addict’s attitude concerning their destructive obsession by telling the truth about it. That’s my two cents…

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    1. You’re probably right. I sometimes just can’t help the political stuff. I know it won’t change anything, but I feel like I’m being neglectful if I don’t say something.


  3. I would be sad if I didn’t hear about your pit stop at the Pez factory, but I understand the desire for the distinction. I do think asleyleia’s idea of using categories might be helpful and still let you fulfill all of your wants/ needs. If someone really strongly disagrees with something you’ve written on the more personal side, perhaps you want them culled out anyway.


  4. As someone who follows what you write pretty regularly, I would suggest that you keep the personal side to your blog. You can differentiate personal/professional related materials by categorizing them, maybe? Honestly, knowing there’s an actual person behind the blog is kind of what’s enticing about reading your work. I’m afraid if you took the personal bits out, you’d lose that. Then again, I can’t speak for others.


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