A New Project, An Empty Studio and A Call for Social Media Help

This is just going to be one of those stream-of-consciousness pieces that I don’t really advertise anywhere and most people who read it will be regulars or at least WordPress users who found me in the Reader. I tend to not promote the rambling posts anymore.

  • I’m writing this today because I’m avoiding work. For the last few weeks, one of the reasons I’ve been somewhat absent on here — and I apologize to everybody whose blogs I usually read — but I’ve been busting my butt creating an online course based on my second book, the one for partners of porn addicts. It’s still easily the best selling book I have. If you haven’t purchased it yet, 1) Shame on you and 2) It’s on Amazon right now at 43% off the cover price. That’s right, you can get it for under $12 Check it out at this link. The course will likely be ready in a week or so and I’ll announce more about it, but it’s been a lot of labor and me doing things that I’m not so comfortable with, like editing video. Oh well, we have to push ourselves to learn new skills or be left behind.
  • I found out my December TEDx Talk will not be given to a live audience in attendance which kind of bums me out. I usually speak well with people in the room. I’m not sure how I’ll be in the new scenario, filming it a TV studio in East Hartford, Connecticut. It’ll be streamed live and the most important thing is the video hits the Internet not long after, but I’m kind of bummed because it means I need to pull the funny lines I use because they will be received by crickets.
  • The picture with this article used to be the one I always used on these rambling pieces. No idea why I stopped, but seeing it today made me realize it was necessary to purge my mind of lots of little things.
  • My parents had their 50th wedding anniversary this last weekend. My brother and I were remembering going to my grandparents 50th anniversary party 24 years ago and agreed that our parents didn’t look as old as our grandparents did back then. Or we’re just a lot older. I grew up basically across the street from Bates College. When I was 10, the students looked like 30-year-olds. Now that I’m 44, they look about 12. I guess it’s all about perspective.
  • If you’re in the US, it’s time to get your absentee ballot. I just filled out my request for mine. Go ahead and vote for Trump. I’m just going to cancel you out.
  • Finally, I had the best week on this website going back at least six months, last week. I posted a link to my article about OnlyFans onto Linked In and thankfully hundreds of people came to check out my website. Quite a few also subscribed, so I feel good about that. It’s made me realize that I really do need to get more onto social media — but based on my last couple of weeks, I don’t feel like I have the time nor desire to learn and I know I’m going to be left behind. If there is anybody out there who is an inexpensive social media manager that is interested in managing my social media presence, please get in touch with me. This is one of the weakest areas I have, but I can’t let it continue to be that way.

9 thoughts on “A New Project, An Empty Studio and A Call for Social Media Help

  1. No!!! Don’t remove the funny! Although your audience isn’t there, they will be. It is perfectly fine to have a chuckle at yourself while presenting to virtually no one. Inserting humor has become an absolute must for myself, most especially when I am facing a hard truth. It helps cushion the blow, so to speak. Kudos to your parents. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around two people making life work for that long. I believe in insanity but the jury is still out on the whole love notion. I’m with you on the social media aspect. Hell, I hope to bring R.O.E. back to life because boy have I learned some life lessons. Sheesh. Keep your head up, Josh.

      1. I’d say by a thread but it must be Paracord because … I am indeed breathing. I realized even if your audience were live in prescence, the laughter would’ve muffled by masks and the smiles unseen. Chose laughter!! Lol.

      2. Laughter makes pornography addiction a little easier to handle. I’ve learned how to give a few “lighter” answers in interviews to make people feel more at ease.

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