Me on Twitter: Another Sign 2020 is Off the Rails

If you stare at the Twitter logo long enough, it ceases to look like anything. I’m serious. I was looking at a black version of the logo and it began to look like a tribal logo to me.

I’ve become one of the tweetable today, launching my Twitter page in support of my pornography addiction education activities. Who says you can’t teach a middle-age dog new tricks? Woof. Woof.

I would certainly appreciate it if you have Twitter and would consider following me. I’ll do the right thing and follow you back.

My Twitter handle is: PAddictRecovery

If I did this right, you should just be able to click HERE to add me.

Go add me right now. I’ll wait. Seriously…go add me. Then, like stuff that I say and say things back. It’s important to get this thing off the ground in style.

While we’re here, I should probably mention that my email address is changing too for most things. You can now start reaching me through If you were contacting me at the old one, that’s still an option.

There’s a good chance that Instagram, Facebook and who knows what else is yet to come. Hopefully that’s it and I don’t have to learn something else.

This is part of getting me ready to be in a position to capitalize on my TED Talk. I’ve been going along OK, but without any real strategy, so I have some to help. Sometimes it sounds like they’re talking in a foreign language. It’s hard to knock the results thus far, though. If you’ve ever wondered about SEO with your website, do it. On Monday, I had the second-best day in the history of this site, and I posted nothing.

So go follow me on Twitter. I need to look popular before strangers start showing up.

If you’re interested in watching the live stream of my TED Talk in early December, visit

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  1. As I go through my old posts though, they are very not SEO friendly, so I’ve been tweaking them…or in some cases completely rewriting them. Apparently I favor long sentences.

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