Follow me on social media so I don’t have to ask again

I hate marketing, and I love marketing. I hate building brands, but I love building brands. And I find nothing more painful than asking people to “Please follow me on social media!” Nonetheless, here I am. My name is Joshua Shea and I’m asking you to please follow me on social media.

In case you don’t want to read anymore, here are the links:

Twitter: @paddictrecovery
Instagram: @paddictrecovery
LinkedIn: @joshua-shea

That’s right, since we last talked, I’ve joined the world of Instagram, but I promise I won’t share a single thing that I eat, how terrific I look when I go out for a night on the town, or any cute things my dogs do. That last one will be tough.

I hate asking people to follow me on social media. That is, right up until a lot of people are following me. In my past life, it was easy to get people to do all of this social media stuff. My professional career was a mix between journalism and self-serving marketing of myself. At the time, I was a product, and created multiple products like my magazine or film festival, that people wanted. Now I’m the guy who tells you how bad porn can be for you. That’s like being the guy who tells kids how bad candy is for them.

The reality of marketing myself

Nonetheless, I need to goose these numbers upward in advance of my TED Talk. I need to have that random porn addict in Dublin, Ireland, or that partner in El Paso, Texas, see my talk, think “I wonder if that guy is for real?” and hit the Internet to find out. Will they buy one of my books or my online course? Will they search out my advising and coaching, or might that event organizer in Bozeman, Montana, decide I’d make a great keynote speaker? I hope the answer is yes, but I understand it’s not entirely about my TED Talk. It’s also about how professional and popular I appear online.

This website is really coming along. The woman who is updating it is doing an amazing job. If you haven’t looked around in a while (it’s been three years since I started the site), please take a peek at how things have changed. Apparently, having someone who knows what they’re doing helps. Who knew?

I’m now a different person offering a different product than I did in my former life. The word “porn” scares people off even if they have the same outlook as I do. Before, I could go onto Facebook (which I’m still avoiding) and say “Go follow me here” and have 500 followers before lunch. Now I’m just hoping to have 5 by dinner. It’s a different world.

If you follow me, I promise I won’t bother you again, or at least until my social media manager convinces me to join Facebook or Snapchat or TikTok. I give you my solemn oath I will never appear on OnlyFans. I care about the world too much.

Learn more about how to watch my TED Talk on December 6.

7 thoughts on “Follow me on social media so I don’t have to ask again

  1. Sadly, I don’t Twit or Insta. I do FB but that’s only because all my old fogey friends are on there and I like seeing their adorable grandkids making faces from time to time. Let me know if you develop an FB page and I’ll be there for ya. Promise. Till then I’ll keep enjoying your posts here on this site.

  2. Just followed you on Instagram. I am also anxiously awaiting for both your books to arrive from Amazon tomorrow. I stumbled onto your website while doing some research. As a BS, your articles have been tremendously helpful and reassuring. Thank you for what you do! God bless you in your continued recovery!

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