Check Out My Interview with One of My Favorite Bloggers

I’ve been learning Twitter and Instagram for the last few months and while I’m really enjoying those communities, the WordPress family will always be my first online family since entering recovery. The bloggers here are tremendous. There’s a lot of recovery support on social media and you should check it out. But, you’re reduced to a couple sentences or a photo there. Here, bloggers are free to roam. I still like that the most.

One of the bloggers I’ve followed since my earliest days of being here has been Pooja at Lifesfinewhine. She’s one of those naturals when it comes to putting what’s in her head on paper. Or a screen. I was honored when she recently asked me to take part in an interview for her site highlighting bloggers.

Please, check out this interview that Pooja just published with me, and if you never been here before, take a look around the site. After nearly three-and-a-half years, there’s really a lot of stuff here.

Check out the interview


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