My Life As A Recovering Pornography Addict

Updated 11/16/2019 — New Posting

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Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 10.44.41 AMSorry, But There Was No Thrill In My Addiction I’ve found LinkedIn to be a great resource for pornography addiction information. However, much like statistics that peg the porn industry worth anywhere between $2 billion and $200 billion (just a slight discrepancy there), I’m starting to bump into information provided from professionals that I think is just flat-out wrong. Click Here


Spotlight On Question And AnswerQ&A Time, The Big Box of Porn: I’m a 19-year-old girl and still live with my parents while I go to community college. We have three rooms in the basement and I went into one that I usually never go into because I thought it could be in a box in there. Instead, I found a box of porn. Mostly magazines and old VCR tapes. They either belong to my dad or my older brother who hasn’t lived here in about 8 years. Should I tell my mom? Should I throw it out?  Click Here


Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 9.13.45 AMI’m Still Failing At Empathy I feel like a rotten person for admitting this, but despite my best efforts there are still people who I feel incredibly awkward around: elderly people over 90, people with developmental disabilities, police officers and just about any kid except my own. There is nobody I feel more awkward around though than my mother when she’s crying. Click Here


Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 9.01.58 PMGuest Post: Four Things to Determine If You Can Trust Your Sex-Addicted Spouse It is one of the most common questions a spouse will ask during a couples’ first counseling session when a sex addiction has been discovered. “How will I know when I will be able to trust him again”? It’s a great question because at the core of the couples’ issues is the broke bond of trust. Click Here


Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.52.34 AMFive Things for a Sex or Porn Addict’s Partner to Realize Upon Discovery Despite the fact that I’ve got a book coming out the first week of December and I spend a lot of time talking about it on the radio show and podcast appearances I do, I really don’t write enough about the women who are left to deal with their partner’s pornography or sex addiction on this site. Click Here


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Interested in seeing all of the Question & Answers? Click Here

Latest appearances

2AC24B4D97D44315AE68BB3387B22DA0.pngThe Way Out Podcast It feels like I’ve been saying I’ve done nothing but high-quality podcasts lately and this feels like another. I would liken this to one where you feel like you’re listening to two friends talking about recovery from addiction. This was one of the smoothest conversations I’ve ever had, and we talk a bit about the new book at the end. Click Here

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 3.00.48 PMACE Podcast Network Part 1 This interview, the first of two parts, is rare in that it is almost completely about my early addict years, especially those looking at my alcoholism, which rarely is the focus on an interview. The questions are fantastic and this is more in-depth than almost any interview I’ve given. This is one I’d put on my “Best Of” list. Click Here for Audio version or Click Here for Video version

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 3.00.48 PMAce Podcast Network Part II In this interview, we continue the conversation from the first part, going in-depth into my pornography addiction, including discussing how to deal with kids and pornography and what it is like to live as a convicted sex offender. It’s another fantastic episode. The interviewer does a great job. Click Here for Audio version or Click Here for video version

Latest Book News

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 12.54.52 PMCheck out the story in Recovery Today magazine. Click Here

Good news for both of the books I’ve written. My first book, The Addiction Nobody Talk About, with a brand new chapter is now available on Amazon. Also my second book, co-authored with Tony Overbay, called He’s a Porn Addict…Now What? is now available for pre-sale through my publisher’s website with a sweet discount on it. It is scheduled to be released on December 1. To learn more about these developments, Click Here.

Here’s the latest review of my first book from blogger Ashley L. Peterson. Click Here

Offering Peer Support Counseling

adult-adventure-baby-532508I am formally providing peer support counseling to people who are dealing with pornography addiction or those who have porn addicts in their lives who are directly affected. Consider it a stopping point between doing nothing and traditional mental health therapy. Click Here for Website


Radio, TV and Podcast Interviews Complete list HERE

Need a Porn Addiction Expert for your show? Click HERE



      1. Vanilla Ice has a movie?! haha
        I don’t think sales are as important as you having the courage of sharing all of this. But of course, I wish that everything works out!


  1. Thank you for being open about this relevant subject! I, along with my other pastors, was never taught how to address this matter in seminary. Despite the neglect, God showed me how to extend grace to those with this struggle and help restore them to the path God has for them. Someone must speak up, and those who hear must not play the Pharisee.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I heard you on a podcast and bought your book exactly four months ago now. I finally got through the book (I’m a slow reader but also thought it wise to chew on your story daily.) You may have saved my life. I took your advice and have filed this as a cautionary tale. Read, filed, and there to read again. Many positive actions have been taken in that time span. More to come. Sleep – I must add – has proven to be my biggest ally for positive change in my life over these past few weeks over which the most change has occurred for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are so welcome. As I read this reply from you to my post, I feel connected to you as not just a writer of a book but as a real person. It brings up emotions of both sadness and joy – for your hardships and your ultimate successes. I am sure much of that emotion is mine as I consider my struggles and several times when I thought my actions were about to bring my whole world down. I have had so many chances to turn it around and I feel that this will be the time when it may actually happen. Thank you again, Mr. Shea.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey dude,

    Thanks for following my blog – I’d try to follow you back but I don’t know how to (just got this thing).

    It’s awesome you’re doing so much for the recovery movement – much respect!

    Peace Y

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the follow and congratulations on the book! By any chance, were you following me before under a similar but different name?

    My husband also had a 30-year porn addiction that he hid from me. When he brought it into the light and worked to overcome it, it completely changed our marriage for the better. I never doubt that porn addiction is real and I’m glad you’re talking and writing about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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