Josh’s First TEDx Talk This Sunday!

If you’d like to witness Josh’s first TEDx Talk, this Sunday, December 6, you can sign-up by clicking this link: TEDxHartford.com His speech is entitled “The Twisted Tentacles of Porn Addiction” and should be one of the largest live audiences, albeit virtual, Josh has spoken to about this subject. Tickets are set your own price, so if you don’t want to pay anything, you don’t have to do so. Six other great speeches! Watch this space on Sunday as Josh will update what time his speech is expected to be presented. The entire event begins with a pre-show at 5 p.m. leading into the main event at 6 p.m. EST.

Joshua Shea, the creator of recoveringpornaddict.com, works as an author and speaker/presenter sharing his story and educating about addiction. He believes that if we can begin to talk more about porn addiction and mental health, others may be able to address their addictions before they devolve to the unhealthy levels that he reached. Joshua also address a lot to the issues that come with being a partner of a porn addict and raising children in a world of high-speed Internet access.



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