The Basics

Porn Addiction 101 – From
Is Pornography Addictive – From the American Psychological Association
Porn Addiction – From
The Hidden Wisdom of Porn Addiction – From Psychology Today

If you’re not a reader, take the time to watch this excellent video from Paula Hall:

More than Just Porn Addiction Going On

Understand Co-Occurring Disorders – From
Understanding Cross Addictions –

Personal Stories

Confessions of a Recovered Porn Addict – From
I’m Addicted to Porn – From
Tales of a Female Sex Addict – From

Discussion Forums

Laurel Center

Sex/Porn Rehab Center Information


Where I Went to Rehab

(Alcohol) Spencer Recovery Centers
(Porn) Sante Center for Healing

Additional Resources

betrayal trauma ptsdBetrayal Trauma Recovery – Resources for Wives/Ex-Wives/Girlfriends of Pornography or Sex Addicts



gza61kqSRp6oKr6PlNRH_The_Path_Back_Logo_c_Tony Overbay’s Faith-Based Recovery Program Click Here



7WPNuSwzRRKBPx545pbZ_title_image-2For Women – The Mindful Habit Partner Empowerment Group

For Men – The Mindful Habit Online Group Coaching Program


unnamedNeed Help in the UK? This is a fantastic resource and had a great online discussion forum for anybody.