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I’ve written two books about pornography addiction. The first is my memoir about my descent into addiction.

First Book New CoverAmazon has the book for sale. Click here for Kindle or here for Soft Cover


The other is a book written with a licensed marriage and family therapist geared for the partners of pornography addicts.

The book is currently on pre-sale through the Publisher HERE.

The Basics

Porn Addiction 101 – From
Is Pornography Addictive – From the American Psychological Association
Porn Addiction – From
World Health Organization Recognizes Sexual Impulse Disorder – From

More than Just Porn Addiction Going On

Understand Co-Occurring Disorders – From
Understanding Cross Addictions –
Great Resource for All Types of Addiction – From

Personal Stories

Confessions of a Recovered Porn Addict – From
I’m Addicted to Porn – From
Tales of a Female Sex Addict – From

Discussion Forums

Laurel Center
Your Brain Rebalanced

12-Step Group Information

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Sex/Porn Rehab Center Information


Where I Went to Rehab

(Alcohol) Spencer Recovery Centers
(Porn) Sante Center for Healing

Additional Resources

betrayal trauma ptsdBetrayal Trauma Recovery – Resources for Wives/Ex-Wives/Girlfriends of Pornography or Sex Addicts



gza61kqSRp6oKr6PlNRH_The_Path_Back_Logo_c_Tony Overbay’s Faith-Based Recovery Program Click Here



7WPNuSwzRRKBPx545pbZ_title_image-2For Women – The Mindful Habit Partner Empowerment Group

For Men – The Mindful Habit Online Group Coaching Program


unnamedNeed Help in the UK? This is a fantastic resource and had a great online discussion forum for anybody.



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