The Amazing Resource Collection from LoveAfterPorn on Reddit

I urge you to check out the r/loveafterporn group on Reddit. Here you can find people in all stages of discovery, from people who are in short term relationships of a few months and decades long relationships, there are even addicts in sobriety who are willing to answer personal questions about the addiction. This collection, curated by user HMack1, is probably the best group of links you’ll find, covering so many facets of this topic:

The Basics

Porn Addiction 101 – From
Is Pornography Addictive – From the American Psychological Association
Porn Addiction – From
World Health Organization Recognizes Sexual Impulse Disorder – From

More than Just Porn Addiction Going On

My article from the May 2013 issue of Lewiston Auburn MagazineThat Explains It: After years of knowing something was wrong, coming to terms with a bipolar disorder diagnosis
Understand Co-Occurring Disorders – From
Understanding Cross Addictions –

Discussion Forums

Your Brain Rebalanced
Reddit – Love After Porn (Fantastic for Partners)
Reddit – Porn Addiction

12-Step Group Information

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Sex/Porn Rehab Center Information


Where I Went to Rehab

(Alcohol) Spencer Recovery Centers
(Porn) Sante Center for Healing